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Company OLTHERM S.A. was set up in July of 1990, devoting itself to instalation of natural gas equipments and pipelines.

The company was founded by a partnership of Mr. Enric Ortega Ballesteros and Mr. Nicanor Lanao Freixas who were involved in the gas sector since 1969 coincinding with the arrival of natural gas to Spain.

Since then OLTHERM S.A. has carried out a large number of instalations throughout Spain. The increase in the number of pipelines as a result of the growth in the consume of gas in the industry has given us a broad experience, which is reflected in each project we undertake. This has also provided OLTHERM S.A. with a good name amongest our suppliers, custoners, engineers and other organizations related to this sector.

Our company has highly qualifed and experienced employees, in the area of gas instalations; certified technicians for the projects and the instalation management, administrative staff, skilled workers in the warehouse and official welders, combined with the latest technology machines allows us to offer to our customers efficiency, high quality and after-sale support.

Looking into the future of OLTHERM S.A. we believe in continuous progression and adaptation to the forever advancing technological requeriments in order to satisfy to the highest level all the demands we recieve from our costumers.

OLTHERM S.A.    Via Trajana 50-56 Nave 14   08020   BARCELONA    (SPAIN)
info@oltherm.com      Tel.: +34 93 313 86 36      Fax.: +34 93 313 92 14