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OLTHERM S.A. is dedicated to the design,
instalation and legalization of all types of
Industrial Gas Instalations.
  Nevertheless, due to our vast experience with customers from a wide variety
of industrial activities in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain, we are placed in
a privileged position to be able to offer a extensive services:
    Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Instalations
    Biogas Instalations
    Manufacturing Pressure Equipments for Gas
            Heat Exchangers
            Tube bundles and coil type
            Gas Filters
            Dry cartridge type
    Manufacturing Air Heat Burners
    Others Activities
            Propane Gas Instalations
            Industrial Heating to Gas
            Legalization of Other Type of Instalations
  In the Photo Gallery you can find a small example of the work we do.
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OLTHERM S.A.    Via Trajana 50-56 Nave 14   08020   BARCELONA   (SPAIN)   info@oltherm.com      Tel.: +34 93 313 86 36      Fax.: +34 93 313 92 14